BORGMAN TOOL & ENGINEERING specializes in plastic injection molds and
offers a quality, low cost alternative for all your plastic injection moldmaking needs.
* Product Design
* Prototyping
* Mold Design
* Toolpath Programming
* Plastic Injection Molds
* Wax Molds
* Diecast Molds
* Part Gages
BORGMAN TOOL & ENGINEERING offers 30 years of experience in the plastic injection, diecast and wax molding industries. Serving
Automotive aerospace, furniture, and medical customers, as well as various other fields, such as military, industrial and leisure products.
This experience covers a broad range of services including product development,
mold and tooling design, prototyping, tool construction, trouble shooting, repair
and engineering changes.
Plastic Injection, Diecast, Wax Injection, Prototype Molds, Profile Gages, Part Design, Mold Design, Gage Design, CNC Programming, Toolpaths, Engineering Changes, Troubleshooting, Mold Repair,